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회사개요 연혁 조직도 CI 회사위치
Service Provider 사업 ODM 사업 스마트폰 액세서리 사업
제품 매뉴얼
Clipcomm is a composite word of "Ciel" which is"sky" in French, IP (Internet Protocol), and, Communication.



The sky implies unlimited freedom. Realizing the world where you communicate and exchange information anytime, anywhere, based on wireless Internet, is the vision of Clipcomm. This vision is visualized as a wordmark in the CI. The outside smooth curve implies unlimited space of the sky and the bold logo in Sans Serif represents reliable technology of Clipcomm. The blue and silver colors in the CI represent the sky and the state of the art technology, respectively.
The logo type is a visual identities consists of only typeface.