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Clipcomm has been dedicated to develop and provide cutting-edge wireless communication apparatus and mobile, computing devices. The integration of voice and data networks, blending of mobile phones and mobile computing devices - all these convergences in each IT industry field are now enabling various kinds of new and useful services in our communication life. Clipcomm aims at integrating and coordinating set of commitments and actions designed to provide value added products with customers and to gain a competitive advantage by embracing creative and innovative core competencies in IT markets.

Clipcomm provides the Clipcomm-branded products and cooperates with global companies in ODM way. We are servicing wireless internet phones and access points to local major wire broadcasting companies. Further we are well reputed by supplying high quality Bluetooth devices and medical equipments

클립컴의 경영 이념

Clipcomm tries to thrive on happiness of human lives and makes our community prosperous by producing sustainable and innovative products. We are trying to accept a certain level of uncertainty and risk that lie well beyond dynamic environment. Clipcomm keeps up to strengthen customer’s core value by presenting the coveted design and innovative products.

For the past decade, information technology communication brought us massive changes on our lives. And this is just seen as infant step. This velocity change will be fast growing. Clipcomm not just only foresees the future but tries to stand alone in IT industry.