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Bluetooth technology as the most populated and low powered short distance communication technology is variously applied to mobile phones and mobile accessories. Clipcomm has teamed up with LG electronics and global companies since 2007. We have consistently put efforts to develop and supply comprehensive Bluetooth accessory products to comply with strict quality standard and to gain competitive sustainability. Starting with Mono-headset LG HBM-550, Clipcomm has developed and exported various Bluetooth products such as hands free car kit, multiple Bluetooth accessories and stereo headsets allowing users to listen to music from their mobile phones to North America, Europe, Latin America and Mideast etc. through ODM partners. Among these products, Clipcomm Bluetooth car kit adapted solar module was vastly popular by wining “BLUETOOTH SIG BEST OF CES 2009 Winner” and was nominated for the most innovative product in Mobile News Award 2009.

Our goal is not to create just a slew of new products, but to truly develop the quality of products by offering high quality wire and wireless communication products such as Bluetooth accessories and Wi-Fi, Zigbee etc. in order to build a foundation for long-term customer’s satisfaction and be a competitive partner.

HBM-905 HBS-250 HBM-810