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The LG HBS-250 equips compact design and a lightweight Bluetooth Stereo Headset complying with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phone and etc., This Bluetooth Stereo Headset is comfortable, easy to use and provides high quality 3D Audio stereo sound and wireless hands free talking.

제품 특징

The HBS-250 allows users to listen to music by connecting adjustable wire cable whenever needed.

The HBS-250 lets users to choose 3D stereo sound and each functioning modes by controlling EQ buttons.

The HBS-250 removes all of surrounding noise and echo by implementing distal signal software during talking on the mobile phone.

제품 상세 정보
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Item Description
  Bluetooth® specification   Bluetooth 2.0
  Supported profiles   Headset profile, Hands free profile,
  Audio transfer profile, Audio remote control profile
  Range of Frequency   2,402~2,480Ghz (ISM bandwidth)
  Transmitting output   Class 2
  Working distance   Within 10M
  Stand by time   320hours Max
  Music play time   8 hours Max
  Talk Time   최대 10시간
  Charging time   2.5 Hours
  Operation temperature   -10℃ ~ 55℃
  Dimension / Weight   38.5 mm(D) x 19.0 mm(W), 40 grams