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Wi-Fi technology is no longer used for privileged class but is penetrated into our daily life. Along with the rising popularity of the Wi-Fi users, Wi-Fi technology is seen as primary communication technology. Mobile VoIP will also become dominant in local internet market with over 100 million users, and it becomes competitive communication systems as part of replacing PSTN and Tele communications with the growing number of Smart phones, increased processing power and data availability.

Clipcomm continuously focuses on value added Wi-Fi technology and has supplied wireless internet phones with LG U+ and CJ Hello vision, Tbroad, HCN, and C&M etc. Until now Clipcomm has spent unprecedented efforts to develop high quality products. Clipcomm not only starts up Wi-Fi station business such as wireless internet phone, but extends business profile by launching Wireless LAN AP market based on modulation of 802.11. In addition, Clipcomm tries to provide various wire and wireless communication service by offering gigabit speed and supports for 5GHz bandwidth wireless LAN router, various multiple devices based on Wi-Fi multimedia communication devices and organizing cutting edge wireless products based on high speed of 802.11 ac/ad after 802.11n to deliver improved connection speed and Wi-Fi reach.

KWP-100 KWP-200 KWS-1043N