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The KWP-100 is an internet phone based on 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. The KWP-100 provides freedom of wireless connectivity and the benefits of VoIP service. Users have more accesses to make and receive calls wirelessly both home and office at low cost due to a growing number of Wi-Fi hotspots. The KWP-100 also includes a large, bright color LCD screen that offers various convenient feature same as mobile phones. Use it anywhere there is a wireless connection (Wi-Fi AP) available.



The KWP-100 provides crystal clear sound based on IEEE 802.11e WMM, DSCP, IP ToS protocols of QoS function.

With cutting edge technology, the KWP-100 guarantees maximum 300 minutes of continuous talking hours.

The KWP-100 supports SIP (RFC3261) standard protocol so that it is compatible with even different branded internet phones. In addition it can be interlocked with any types of wireless APs due to supporting standard protocol of IEEE 802.11b/g.

The KWP-100 includes several convenient features such as calling address book entries/text service, alarm and ring tones etc. same as mobile phones.

As the wireless internet phone, the KWP-100 has over 300 hundred thousand users of local cable company such as Tbroad, CJ helloVision, HCN, C&M etc. and is continuously updated and technically approved in terms of quality.

각 부분의 명칭-그림
Item Description
  LCD   2.0” TFT, 176x220, 262,000 color
  Ring tone   64 chords (Poly)
  Stand by hours   Max 45 hours
  Talking hours   Max 300 minutes
  Charging hours   Approximate?3.5 hours
  How to charge   Charging stand
  Vibration   Vibration function in manner mode
  Distance   180m distance within open space
  Wireless   802.11 b/g standard
  Various wireless approvals through IEEE 802.1x EAP-MD5,
  Wireless Encryption   Static (64/128bit) WEP, WPAPSK TKIP/AES etc
  Quality of
  assurance (QoS)
  802.1P, TOS field, 802.11e WMM
  Voice control   Various voice control such as VAD, AEC, CNG etc
  Optional service   Various calling service such as stand-by mode during talking,
  converting calls, CID etc.
  Volume control   Volume control by using side button
  Text message (SMS)   Text message
  Phone list   500 telephone lists, short-cut key, talking list
  Browser   Use internet access and local news through WAP browser
  Convenient Feature   Various function such as Calendar, alarm, D-day etc
  Automatic Setup   Automatic set-up through HTTP, TFTP Auto provisioning
  Storage and Backup   Ring-tone/image application and able to share phone list (PC sync)