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제품 매뉴얼

The KWS-1043N is a wired and wireless router based on 802.11n. The KWS-1043N is connected to maximum 4 data lines from different networks. In the case of wireless network, the KWS-1043N is connected to maximum 10 data lines and consistently provides maximum 100Mbps of wire internet speed and 300Mbps of wireless internet speed. Further the KWS-1043N renders users fast internet speed and wide coverage by adapting two of 5dBi antennas. Also, the KWS-1043N guarantees premium calling quality without any distorting.

제품 특징

True convergence of entire matt black parts and gloss black side improves premium feel of product, and it is beautifully finished by a black antenna and inserted blue LED.

With adapting wireless optimizing 5dBi and two of highly sensitive antennas, the KWS-1043N supports wide coverage and 300Mbps levels of stable wireless speed.

It supports maximum of 100Mbps wire and wireless internet speed by optimizing software and hardware. Especially it supports maximum 300Mbps of high speed of wireless by implementing 802.11n channels bonding and MIMO technology.

The KWS-1043N allows users to control the speed of internet devices in order to stably function it.
Also, it supports consistent phone calls quality through 802.11e WMM protocol for internet phone users.

The KWS-1043N supports various wireless security functions such as WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WEP64/128 etc and maximizes wireless security by adding the way of 802.11x approvals.

The KWS-1043N allows users to utilize current official IP address on PC in the same way, which solves the router’s rooted problems. Especially in case of distorted by PC room’s routers, but the KWS-1043N immediately jump starts it with Super DMZ function.

제품 상세 정보
각 부분의 명칭-그림
Item Description
  CPU   400MHz MIPS
  WAN interface   1 x 10/100Mbps
  LAN interface   4 x 10/100Mbps
  Other interface   Power Switch, Power Port, Re-set buttons
  LED   Power, WAN, LAN x 4, Wireless LAN
  Wireless LAN   802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
  Operation Temperature   0℃ ~ 60℃
  Dimension / Weight   137.7mm(L) x 107.6mm(W) x 25.0 mm(T), 181 grams