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제품 개요
Clipcomm’s BS-H100 is a Bluetooth analog telephone adapter that provides a wireless connection between your Bluetooth headset and a conventional telephone.

제품 특징

The Clipcomm’s BS-H100 enables you to communicate via your Bluetooth headset using PSTN line at your home or office.

Using BS-H100 it is possible to use your Bluetooth headset when an incoming call is received to conventional telephone or when making a phone call using conventional telephone.

Clipcomm’s high DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology produces crystal clear sound via noise reduction and echo cancellation.
Based on Clipcomm’s enhanced technology, the BS-H100 is designed to be very stylish and compact with simple and user-friendly interface.
제품 상세 정보
Item Description
  Bluetooth specification   V 2.0
  Suported profiles   Headset profile
  Frequincy   2.402~2.480Ghz(ISM band)
  Transmitting output   Class 2
  cover range   Within 10 m/33 ft
  Standby time   up to 170 hours
  Operating temperature   0℃ ~ 50℃
  Charger rated voltage input   AC 100~ 220V, 50~60Hz
  Dimension/Weight   87 x 84 x 22.9 mm / 76.5 grams