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Portable secondary battery for ML-E100 and smart phones
The ML-E100B is small and compact for external Battery pack for ML-E100 and smart phones.


The ML-E100 could be charged by 3.5Ø audio jack

The ML-E100 could be charged by embedded Micro USB terminal.

The fully charged ML-E100B extends the using time up to 20 hours and you could charge the ML-E100 with ML-E100B.


When Smart phones are charged by ML-E100B, you are able to talk maximum 2hours and 30 minutes continuously.

제품 상세 정보
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Item Description

  Battery Spec

  1030 mAh, lithium-ion polymer

  Charging terminal

  Embedded micro 5 pin

  ML-E100 charging terminal

  3.5 Ø audio jack

  Smartphone charging terminal

  Sliding type micro USB plug

  ML-E100 charging time

  Playing time 20housr by charging 8 times

  Continuous talk time
  by charging Smartphone

  Maximum 2.5hours

  Battery charging time


  Operational temperature

  0℃ ~ 45℃

  Battery volt

  5V / 500 mA

   Size/ Weight

  62 mm(L) x 39 mm(W) x 18 mm(H), 44 grams